Coffee & Donuts w/ the ‘Step Up’ Crew

2293517Monday afternoon found my apron-clad self deep in the heart of a Sorrento Valley TV studio filming a brand new women’s show hosted by a lovely former news anchorwoman named Liza Frampton.


Our director Scott (left) and cameraman Rigo

I was introduced to Liza, like I am to most of the wonderful folks I meet these days, by one of my traditional food prep students.  Terri called to tell me that her friend was on the lookout for a guest to do a cooking segment for the pilot episode of her show Steppin’ Up!  She explained that Liza hoped to put a fresh spin on the topic of food and nutrition, and that my ‘ancestral cuisine’ approach intrigued her.  A phone chat and a lunch meeting at Tender Greens later, and it was decided; I would bring my Sour-D’OH!-Nut ingredients to the studio and we would fry up and glaze a batch right there on the set.


From left to right Ali, Liza, yours truly & Tammy

Liza thought it would be fun to include a couple of friends in the action, and so she invited Ali and Tammy to join us in the very realistic-looking set created by the network’s awesome producer Leigh.

Tammy shared with me that she was a home-economics major currently teaching cooking classes out of her home to young brides eager to impress the hubby.

Ali is a personal chef and student of nutritional therapy, hoping to serve the community through ‘real food’ education after graduation.

All three ladies were fascinated to witness ‘healthy’ doughnuts in the making.  I must admit that the air of skepticism ran high in the studio as I extolled the virtues of beef tallow and sourdough, but to their credit each member of the cast and crew suspended disbelief long enough to sample the results…

2967312… and that’s when they learned what you and I already know.  Namely that our wise ancestors were on to something good; not only in terms of nutrient density and digestibility, but even more to the point when we’re discussing doughnuts… flavor.  

Eyes widened, first in delight and then disbelief.  “Could these delicious morsels truly be health promoting?”  “Is it really okay to eat something fried?”  “Can I eat them even if I’m ‘gluten intolerant’?”  Yes, yes and (a conditional) YES! (folks with severe gluten intolerance will want to ferment all the flour in the recipe for a minimum of 16 hours to fully predigest it)

Needless to say, fingers and tongues were scorched in the race to sample the goods and nary a crumb survived the feeding frenzy that ensued when the cameras stopped rolling.


We’re all praying that Liza’s pilot will get picked up by the network, in which case our ancestral cuisine segment may become a regular part of the show.  Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime take a crack at this recipe in your kitchen.



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