Lardmouth interview on iHeartRadio


Recently I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Kelly Emberg ‘The Model Gardener’ on her iHeart Radio show entitled Food Made Simple.  The topic was fermentation, and as an avid gardener, Kelly was keen to learn the secrets of preserving her harvest.

When Kelly called to invite me on the show, her name rang a bell… not in relation to gardening or food issues, but rather a memory having to do with my teenaged girl obsession with fashion magazines.  While we chatted, I quickly Googled her name and immediately recognized the stunning beauty who, along with Christy Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs, graced the collage of magazine covers taped to my bedroom wall through most of high school.


Turns out Kelly is not only passionate about fashion, but has a deep connection to all things earthy.  A woman after my own heart to be sure, we fell right into an easy dialogue centered around the magic of microbial alchemy.  Kelly is a gracious hostess and talented interviewer, and I hope you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed sharing.

Don’t neglect to listen to the interview preceding mine with our own Kim Shuette of Biodynamic Wellness where she and Kelly explore the world of probiotics and gut-healing.

Listen here:

One response to “Lardmouth interview on iHeartRadio

  1. Thank you for the shout out. So funny, but I had a note to myself to tell Kelly about you at the end of our interviewand then she announced that you were going to be on next!!

    Thanks for all you are doing! Ill look for you tomorrow.


    Kim Schuette, CN Certified GAPS Practitioner WAPF San Diego Chapter Leader 107 N. Acacia Avenue Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.259.6000 phone 858.259.6022 fax Instagram: biodynamicwellness

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