About Annie

1356984352Hi, my name is Annie Dru, and I’m positively passionate about all things relating to traditional food preparation! I was first introduced to this once self-evident, now oddly foreign concept through the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, author of the radical tome, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Dr. Price spent the most productive years of his life in pursuit of the answer to two questions few medical professionals of his generation dared to ask; namely “Do people enjoying perfect health exist anywhere on the planet?” and secondly “If so, what do they eat?”.

Ten years and fourteen countries later in 1939, the answer to the first question came back with a resounding “Yes!” The answer to the second was at once obvious and yet still profoundly complex. Simply put, they ate what their ancestors had eaten. Though the specifics of their diets varied by geographic locale, the principles of cuisine remained consistent. They ate what I like to refer to as grease, guts, bones, grass, shoots and pickles.

For the last five years I have endeavored to explore the mystery of Dr. Prices’s discovery, while at the same time reconciling its relevance to our 21st century pursuit of health and nourishment.
Please join me as I continue on this fascinating and ever more relevant journey into the heart of ancestral cuisine.

Annie Dru serves on the board of The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

7 responses to “About Annie

  1. Annie…I just love your video on fermentation and also where you covered the Weston Price principles. I share it often with friends. It’s a great overview of Weston Price’s research plus it is a very engaging demonstration with tons of good info. I think you are a very enthusiastic and clear speaker! Thankyou for your efforts!

  2. So excited to have found your site and glad that you are not halfway around the world from me . . . . what a fantastic blog. I sent you a “contact” email regarding a question I have about Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions take on pork. Looking forward to discovering more deliciousness here . . . only wish I could make it to your classes . . . maybe when I retire and have week time.

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